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Cowhide Rug / Skin in Black & Grey (165 cm X 178 cm) Luxurious Rug 1809


Cowhide Rug / Skin in Black & Grey (165 cm X 178 cm) Luxurious Rug 1809

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This is a 100% Natural Cowhide Leather Rug. Celestial Leather hair on hide leather is characterized by a very warm and soft feel. It is particularly suitable for demanding customers who are looking for a distinctive grain pattern, a natural leather texture and vibrant natural features of value. They fit beautifully on every kind of environment, classic or modern and are themselves alone a precious element of home design. They come available in various types, tricolor, bi-color, single color or exotic, etc.

You will get the exact item, no substitution / replacement will occur. However, slight variation in colour is possible as pictures tend to change the colour slightly.
Please factor this in while deciding to purchase this product.

LENGTH = 651″ OR 165 CM

WIDTH = 70″ OR 178 CM


Important Information:
Please note that this hide might contain some imperfections.

All the imperfections ( holes,patched holes, hair loss, scars etc) are carefully photographed to show our buyers all the aspects of the hide. Please take a good look at the pictures before committing to purchase.


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